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Taiwan Discovery, founded in 2012, was established with the initial intention of sharing the love for nature and outdoor activities with everyone. Its main core specialties include river tracing, canoeing, summer and winter camps, corporate training for Team Building and employee welfare, rock climbing, snorkeling, and more. The goal of Taiwan Discovery is to make every activity, every camp, the most wonderful and safest experience possible. The team leaders, teachers, and activity coaches, all of whom are long-time partners of Taiwan Outbound, have accumulated considerable experience in camp management and activity leadership over the years. In terms of professional competence, they specialize in different roles and fields within the camp responsibilities. All staff are required to be familiar with the activity processes and the site. Team leaders are seasoned members of Taiwan Discovery with multiple activity experiences and recognition from both the team and participants before they can take on the role of leading activities. Team leaders are responsible for guiding activities and overseeing the entire camp.