· Water biking operation tutorial · Ecological tour and explanation · Exploration of mysterious caves · Equipment including water bikes, life jackets, non-slip shoes, etc. · Photo documentation of your exciting water experience · Public liability insurance

Product Description

Dongshan River Ecological Green Boat has vast terrain and abundant natural ecology. The eastern bank boasts of native vegetation and a habitat for migratory birds. Tour the park on water bicycles, stay dry, and explore the natural ecology.

Tour Highlights

This water activity is suitable for both children and elderly people, with no restrictions on getting close to nature. The joyful holiday starts outdoors. The experience allows participants to freely operate water bicycles through the land bridges, enjoying the riverside scenery. You can also view the Green Expo exhibitions from different angles. Throughout the journey, coaches guard the river and take beautiful photos of each visitor.

In addition to exploring the Dongshan River, the 90-minute experience includes guided tours and explanations by coaches. Along the way, you'll pass through natural caves formed by mysterious waterways, and take photos inside the caves. Under the direct sunlight in the skylight, you can take stunning photos with the green riverbank, creating a natural light beauty!


Q: Will the water bikes overturn?
A: We ensure that the water bikes won't overturn, especially in calm inland waters. They are stable and easy to handle even without a sense of balance.

Q: What clothing should I wear?
A: Swimsuits or lightweight shorts are suitable! Some areas won't get wet.

Q: Will I get seasick on the water?
A: Yes, because the design of water bikes is similar to a small speedboat, it can cause seasickness. We recommend passengers prone to seasickness to take motion sickness medication!

Q: Is sunscreen necessary?
A: Yes, it's recommended to choose morning or afternoon sessions. You can bring UV-resistant sunscreen hats and clothing. Hydration is essential!

Q: Is water biking dangerous?
A: No, compared to other water activities, water biking is very safe. Just follow the instructions of the professional coach, and you can easily enjoy the experience.

Q: Can elderly people participate?
A: As long as they don't have heart disease, high blood pressure, asthma, etc., anyone can participate!

Q: Can children participate?
A: It's very suitable for children to participate, as water bikes are quite stable. However, parental supervision is required!

Price List

【 Dongshan River 90-Minute 】Adult TicketFrom MYR
【Dongshan River 90-Minute】 Ticket for Children Under 4From MYR
【Dongshan River 90-Minute】 Group Discount (4 people or more) / Single TicketFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

  • This activity requires two people to share one water bicycle. The registration of one person is dependent on the overall registration status and the organizer's ability to form a group.
  • Experience Duration: 1.5 hours approx. (depending on site conditions).
  • Participants: All ages welcome. For infants under 3 years old, it is recommended for parents to hold them or bring a baby carrier.
  • Included in the Fee: Coaching fees, equipment such as water bicycles, life jackets, non-slip shoes, photo recording, and public liability insurance.
  • Special Offer: For groups of four or more, each person can enjoy a 5% discount.


  • Notes:

    1. For infants under 3 years old, it is recommended for parents to hold them or bring a baby carrier.
    2. For your safety, please do not consume alcoholic beverages before this experience.
    3. Participants must follow the coach's instructions during the activities and are not allowed to leave the group or remove life jackets on their own.
    4. Participants cannot be replaced midway through the experience. If an individual leaves due to personal reasons, they cannot be replaced by another person to continue the journey.
    5. If personal belongings need to be brought to the sea, waterproof bags are available on-site for storage, but participants are responsible for their belongings. Any other small water-resistant personal items can be stored in the organizer's vehicle.
  • Weather Impact: In case of weather or other uncontrollable natural disaster factors, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the course, postpone, or cancel the program.

  • Activity Confirmation: The activity can proceed with two people sharing one bicycle. If there are insufficient participants to proceed, Niceday will notify you in advance to reschedule or provide a full refund.


防曬跟水分要注意做足 騎車控制很簡單上手 教練會幫忙拍照記錄 微風吹來時在河面很舒服 小孩都在比賽速度玩得不亦樂乎


Established in 2019, we are the first water biking operator in Taiwan, starting our journey on Xiao Liuqiu. Our main mission is to promote the development of water biking activities. Water biking is not only safe and stable but also suitable for friends of all ages to experience together. There are no restrictions for both adults and children to get close to nature!


宜蘭縣冬山鄉冬山路二段 172 號(生態綠舟停車場旁售票口)

Public Transport

Bus Dongshan Township Farmers' Association Station, 14 minutes walk Bus Chenggong Police Station [Community Bus] Station, 55 minutes walk Bus Cairo Police Station [Community Bus] Station, 57 minutes walk

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