・On-land canoeing practice + safety guidelines ・Personally guided by professional coaches, technical training ・Introduction to canoeing equipment, basic paddling techniques, and paddling language ・Experience paddling a canoe on actual river waters ・Marvel at the natural ecology downstream of Longmen, including small fish and unique aquatic plants. If you're lucky, you might even get to see eagles and wild ducks up close!

Product Description

I would like to recommend a fun "Canoe" experience that is even easier to pick up than dragon boating. Each canoe can hold up to 4 people, making it perfect for family gatherings. Come join us as we grab our paddles, put on our life jackets, and experience the joy of riding in a canoe. With the enthusiastic guidance of our professional coaches, you will discover that canoeing is simple, fun, and safe!

Family Canoeing Experience | Canoe

The activity starts from basic canoe knowledge and skills to practical canoe operation, even including paddle language, rescue techniques, and safety rules. You'll find that with our expert guidance, you'll pick it up quickly, and there will be coaches accompanying you throughout the journey. Even non-swimmers can enjoy themselves safely!

  • Target Audience: Individuals aged 3 to 77 interested in canoeing activities
  • Location: Longmen Canoe Base, Shuangxi River (River Waters)
  • Activity Content: 2-hour introductory canoe experience - basic paddling/paddle language instruction / technical practice/water experience.

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Price List

Canoe | IndividualFrom MYR
Canoe | Group of 6 or more / IndividualFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

・Experience Duration: 2 hours, subject to on-site conditions; Gather and register 30 minutes before departure
・Target Audience: Ages 3 to 77
・Pregnant women and those with physical conditions unsuitable for the experience are advised not to register; refunds will not be provided if eligibility criteria are not met on-site
・Location: No. 100, Xinglong Street, Fulong Village, Gongliao District, New Taipei City (Longmen Canoe Base), detailed location can be found in the Transportation Information Map
・Transportation: [Public Transportation] Take a train to Fulong Railway Station, then walk to the canoe base (about 15 minutes) or rent a bicycle near the railway station and cycle there (about 10 minutes)
・Included: Equipment (canoe accommodates up to 4 people) / Coach / Campsite ticket / Public liability insurance (You can choose to add travel insurance according to your personal needs)
・Not Included: Parking fees

1. Gather 30 minutes before departure to protect your and other participants' rights; please note the gathering time as latecomers will strictly not be accommodated
2. Canoeing activities must be done together as a group; participants are not allowed to leave the group during the activity
3. Fill out the "Participant Information" as soon as possible after ordering
4. If non-participating individuals accompany participants, they need to pay for the amusement park ticket on-site: Full price 100 NTD, discounted price 80 NTD, children under 5 are free
5. Safety comes first in outdoor activities; the head coach will adjust the activity flow based on actual weather conditions and participant conditions, and participants must follow the head coach's guidance
6. There is a risk of capsizing during the course; participants wearing glasses should have a secure strap, those wearing caps should have a hat strap, and please wear secure footwear, sports sandals, or canvas shoes
7. Boatride Worldwide Co., Ltd. reserves the right to interpret and modify the activity rules

・Friendly Reminders
1. Those prone to seasickness should bring seasickness medication
2. To protect the ocean, it is recommended to use ocean-friendly and coral-friendly sunscreen or wear thin long sleeves and pants as physical sun protection; try to avoid wearing cotton clothing and jeans that are prone to water absorption
3. Free drinking water is provided for replenishment; please bring your water bottle for convenience
4. Water activities may wet clothing; bring spare clothes for changing, and there are hot water showers and lockers available on-site
5. Parking fees are self-paid; there will be personnel collecting fees at the entrance gate: Cars 50 NTD / time; Motorcycles 20 NTD / time; Buses 100 NTD / time
6. Dogs can ride in the canoe for free, but please bring a dog life jacket; dogs cannot go into the water without a life jacket!
・Weather Impact: Canoeing activities are not affected by weather conditions; cancellations will be notified by phone the day before departure, and the activity will proceed as scheduled if no notification is received
・Activity Confirmation: Requires a minimum of 6 people to proceed; Niceday will notify you in advance for rescheduling or full refunds if the minimum number of participants is not met.


場地優良安全 教練專業親切


Boat the World' is Taiwan's first and largest dragon gate canoe operator. It introduced canoeing as a niche activity in Taiwan ten years ago and is now the leading expert in leisure activities for everyone. With a diverse fleet of boats, safety, and professionalism, it serves tens of thousands of students every year. Enjoy an enriching canoeing experience with 'Boat the World' in Fulong!


新北市貢寮區福隆村興隆街 100 號(龍門獨木舟基地)

Public Transport

Bus to Fulong Gas Station, 14 minutes walk. Bus to Fulong Station, 17 minutes walk. Bus to Fulong Terminal, 16 minutes walk.

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