· Explore the rock landscapes of Peace Island Geological Park. · Color with natural plant and mineral-based pigments. · Develop hand muscles through kneading and shaping, fostering self-expression. · Initiate sustainable practices through a simple activity. · Bring home finished products for decoration or use as soap.

Product Description

Whether young or young at heart, let's create a stone child together~

Surrounded by oceanic and geological landscapes, with the most natural materials and the most relaxed mindset, awaken the mischievous and adorable self within!


Activity Features

A zero-waste crafting workshop

Guided by instructors, immerse yourself in the beauty of Keelung's Peace Island geological landscape. Utilize locally sourced materials, infuse emotions, and unleash creativity with your hands. Sculpt your own memories, with the zero-waste process ensuring that the final creations can return to nature. This activity plants the seeds of sustainability in the hearts of creators.

Activity Schedule

  1. Registration and Seating: Brief introduction to the workshop's philosophy and practical steps.
  2. Use of Special Ingredients: Utilize custom-made jelly soap, cornflour, and pure natural color pigments (such as fleeceflower, marigold, turmeric, matcha, etc.), along with deeply soothing ocean-scented essential oils, to craft your own creations.
  3. Group Photo with Finished Works.
  4. Packaging of Creations with Crape Myrtle Leaves.

Price List

Island Soap Making|Parent-child group (Activity for ages 2 ~ 5)|Parents accompany to make together.From MYR
Island Soap Making|Make one individually (Activity for ages 2+)From MYR

Purchase Guide

  • Experience Duration: Approximately 1 hour, subject to actual conditions on-site

  • Suitable for: Ages 2 and above

    • ❖ Ages 6 and above can participate independently.

    • ❖ Ages 2 to 5 require adult supervision.

  • Transportation: [By Car]
  1. National Highway 1 → Exit at Keelung Interchange → Dong'an Elevated Road → Zhongzheng Road → Zhengbin Road → Heyi Road → Pingyi Road
  2. National Highway 1 → Connect to Provincial Highway 62 at Dahua System → Exit at Badouzi Interchange → Tiaohé Street → Beining Road → She Liao Bridge → Heyi Road → Pingyi Road
  3. National Highway 3 → Merge onto National Highway 1 at 10th kilometer mark from Xizhi System → Head north to Wudu → Exit at Keelung Interchange → Dong'an Elevated Road → Zhongzheng Road → Zhengbin Road → Heyi Road → Pingyi Road
  • Cost Includes Instructor fees / Material fees / On-site tool usage fees / Venue fees / Insurance: The park is insured for public liability.
  • Cost Excludes: Park entrance fee (Full price: $120 / Discounted price: $60) *Please note that participants need to purchase park tickets on-site on the day of the event.
  • Instructor to Student Ratio: 1:6
  • Notes:
  1. During the experience, natural pigments may stain clothing. Please take precautions.
  2. After the experience, remember to take your belongings with you. Coin-operated lockers are available on the first floor of the Visitor Center for storage.
  3. On holidays, the park's parking lot may be crowded, and spaces are limited. It is advisable to leave early to avoid peak hours.
  4. During heavy traffic, the Keelung City Government may implement car traffic control, allowing only residents with permits to enter. Please depart early to avoid delays.
  • Regarding Pets: Pets are allowed on the premises, but consumers must keep them leashed at all times.
  • Weather Advisory: In the event of unforeseeable natural disasters such as inclement weather, the organizer reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the event.
  • Event Confirmation: The event requires a minimum of 6 participants to proceed. If there are insufficient numbers, Niceday will notify you in advance for rescheduling or full refunds. If the class is confirmed, Niceday will not issue further notifications.


Comfortable environment
Friendly staff
Convenient parking
Foster parent-child engagement
Professional teaching staff


We are a diverse group of professionals from various fields such as environmental education and tourism. Our goal is to transform Keelung's Heping Island into an "International Sustainable Tourism Island" while preserving its natural beauty. We aim to make the Heping Island Geopark more sustainable and promote sustainable tourism through various initiatives. In 2020, we became the first in Asia to receive the "ISO20121 Sustainability Certification". To achieve our goal, we control access to natural landscapes, design environmental education programs, create unique souvenir shops, and provide training to senior citizen guides. We believe that traveling is an opportunity to drive positive change in the community.


基隆市中正區平一路 360 號(和平島地質公園 遊客中心)

Public Transport

Take either Keelung City Bus 101 or 102 and get off at Heping Island Geopark Station. From there, it's a 7-minute walk. Take Capital Bus 1579 (via Zhongzheng Road) to Zhongzheng Road and Zhengbin Road intersection, then walk 15-20 min.

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