・Changhua Railway Story Explanation. ・Little Station Master Dress-up Experience. ・Explanation of the Changhua Roundhouse Steam Train. ・Visit the brand-new Huya Railcar Park.

Product Description

Changhua Railway Station is the most important station in the central region of Taiwan and marks the beginning of railway development in the area. It boasts a rich history of railways and hosts the most comprehensive range of train types in the central region.

Visiting Changhua to watch trains offers a glimpse into the significant history of railway development in Taiwan and provides an excellent railway experience!

The experience includes a historical introduction to Changhua Railway Station, observing trains entering and exiting from the longest-spanning pedestrian bridge, detailed explanations of the fan-shaped garage, a visit to the newest Huya railcar park, stories about the Taiwan Railway dormitory village, and opportunities to take photos with station master costumes.


Activity Highlights

Experience the most special railway tour activity, encompassing seven unique features to explore Changhua's railway stories.

Historical Introduction of Changhua Railway Station

Observation of Trains from the Longest Spanning Pedestrian Bridge

Stroll Along the Changhua Roundhouse Path and Follow "Ban Ban"

Opportunities to take photos with Station Master costumes

Detailed Tour of the Fan-shaped Garage, with Steam Train Photography

Visit to the Brand New Huya Railcar Park (Additional fee required for mini train ride)

Introduction to the Taiwan Railway Dormitory Village


Activity Itinerary

  • Gather at Changhua Railway Station
  • Observe Trains from the Pedestrian Bridge
  • Stroll Along the Changhua Roundhouse Path to Find Mascot "Ban Ban"
  • Explore Different Periods of Taiwan Railway Architecture at the Taiwan Railway Dormitory Village
  • Visit and Learn About Steam Trains at the Fan-shaped Garage
  • Guided Tour of the Huya Railcar Park

Price List

Little Station Master Experience【Ages 6 and Up / Accompanying Parent Fee】From MYR

Purchase Guide

・Experience Duration: 2.5 hours approx. (depending on site conditions).
・Target Audience: 6 years old and above.
1. Under 6 years old: No charge, but at least one parent must accompany (parent must pay full price)
2. 6 years old and above / Accompanying parent fee: 500 NTD per person.
・Location: No. 1, Sanmin Rd., Changhua City, Changhua County 500003, Taiwan (in front of Changhua Railway Station fountain)
・The main language used for teaching is Mandarin and Taiwanese Hokkien.
・Our fees include guide and assistant fees, venue rental, wireless tour guide equipment, and public liability insurance.
・Excluded Fees: Huya railcar mini train ride (150 NT for two people)

1. Please arrive 10 minutes before the scheduled tour time.
2. Please do not be late for group tours, as it affects your own and other group members' rights.
3. Please wear comfortable walking shoes and bring drinking water, sunscreen, or rain gear.
4. Rain does not affect the tour, but please bring your rain gear.
5. You can bring your headphones (if you don't have personal headphones, we will provide communal headphones) for using the wireless tour guide device.
6.Please be aware that the tour may involve walking on roads. Pay attention to personal safety at all times.
7. Vehicles parked on the roadside are often towed, so be sure to park in designated parking areas.
8. This activity involves walking, so consider bringing a stroller or mobility aid if needed.
・Pet-related: Pets are allowed on the premises but must be leashed at all times.
・ Weather Impact: Rain does not affect the tour, but please bring rain gear. In case of force majeure such as natural disasters or the need to cancel activities due to insufficient registration numbers, Niceday will actively contact for rescheduling or refund.
・ Event Confirmation: Minimum 10 participants required. Niceday will notify you in advance for rescheduling or a full refund.


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彰化縣彰化市三民路 1 號(集合地點彰化火車站前噴水池)

Public Transport

Bus from Changhua Station, walk 27 mins Bus from Changhua Station (Guoguang), walk 27 mins Changhua Train Station, walk 30 mins

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