・Learning traditional Hakka agricultural knowledge. ・Engaging in parent-child cooking activities with natural ingredients for a safe and enjoyable dining experience. ・Participating in vegetable gardening and picking DIY for a firsthand farm-to-table experience. ・Experiencing the rural way of life, applying textbook knowledge and life skills while enjoying a fun rural experience. ・Participating in a leaf rubbing activity at Luo House Village to create beautiful memories.

Product Description

【 Luo House Manor | Century Guest Manor 】

As long as you're 2.5 years old or older, adults and children alike are welcome to come and play together!

🍽 Delicious Meals | Directly Sourced from the Origin

Through carbon reduction, we offer everyone the most natural experience. Enjoy fun parent-child kitchen activities, play cooking with your children, create joyful moments together, and in the process, learn about the taste of the traditional Hakka culture. Especially, our meals are made from whole foods, bringing you a brand new sensory experience!

🌾Opportunities for Children to Brave New Experiences | Vegetable Planting DIY & Unique Sensory Experience
During the experience, we encourage children to actively participate. Parents, don't worry about your little ones making a mess; what we hope for is to give children a chance to learn and bravely try new things. Let children pick vegetables in the fields, wash, chop, and beat eggs themselves. These actions not only train children's hand-eye coordination but also help them grasp concepts such as numbers, volume, weight, and the properties of liquids and solids.

🥗 Professionally Selected Ingredients | Healthy and Reassuring Even for the Little Ones
The ingredients for the classes are carefully selected by professional teachers, with recipes that are low in oil, sugar, and salt, using natural ingredients suitable for children, allowing them to eat healthily while parents can be assured!


Course Features

  1. Guest Manor Little Food and Agricultural Scientist Parent-Child Cooking Classroom: The teacher first explains the story of cooking, including traditional cooking methods of the guest manor, combined with principles of natural science, to jointly complete a delicious lunch during the journey.

  2. Children's Garden Field Planting and Harvesting: Children have to go to the fields themselves to pick the ingredients for lunch, picking as much as they need to eat. From the origin to the table, experience our children's garden with the shortest distance and carbon reduction.

  3. Bring a Piece of Scenery Home — Leaf Rubbing Experience: During the walk, collect plants from the community, imprint the outline of the community with imagined colors, and treasure all the beautiful memories of Luo House Manor.

  4. Learn about the Hakka culture of the Chaozhou and the importance of SDGs sustainable environment from a day of experience. Combine Hakka culture and local products, experiencing nature from the origin to the table.

Course Schedule

  • 09:30~10:00 | Gather at 詔安好伴屋
  • 10:00~10:30 | Chaozhou Dialect and Secret Realm Walk
  • 10:30~11:30 | Field Planting and Harvesting
  • 11:30~13:30 | Guest Manor Little Food and Agricultural Scientist Parent-Child Cooking
  • 13:30~14:30 | Bring a Piece of Scenery Home — Leaf Rubbing Experience, Purchase and Photo Time




Price List

Exploration of Little Secrets【One Adult and One Child Parent-Child Pair | First Experience Price】Per PairFrom MYR
Exploration of Little Secrets【One Adult and One Child Parent-Child Pair | Regular Price】Per PairFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

・Experience Duration: 5 hours approx. (depending on site conditions).

・Target Audience: Ages 2.5 to 15.

1. Children aged 7 and above can participate independently.

2. At least one parent must accompany each child, parents do not need to pay extra, and each child can be accompanied by up to 2 parents.

・Our fees include instructor, material, tool usage, venue, meal, travel safety, and public liability insurance costs.

・Sign up via Niceday for extra rewards, benefits are limited.

・The main language used for teaching is Chinese, with Taiwanese and Hakka dialects being used as supplementary languages.

・The teacher-student ratio of the class is 1:5, which means that each class is comprised of 1 teacher, 1 assistant, and 10 students.

Please adhere to the following instructions for the experiential course, Agree to merchant's regulations upon registration.

  1. Each person is limited to purchasing the experiential course once to avoid individuals purchasing or experiencing it multiple times. Participants' identities will be confirmed on-site (e.g., using health insurance cards). Those found not meeting the requirements will need to pay the price difference on-site.
  2. The experiential course encourages children to participate hands-on, which may soil clothes. Please bring an apron or an extra set of clothes.
  3. To promote environmental protection, please bring containers to take home the finished products.
  4. As the experiential course follows a step-by-step process, arriving late may cause participants to miss steps already started. To ensure the smooth progress of the course, it will start promptly, and participants are welcome to arrive 5 minutes early to prepare.
  5. If children have cold symptoms or are taking medication, please do not attend class and stay home to rest. 

・About Insurance: Due to government regulations, if the total burial expenses covered by all accident insurance and life insurance policies previously taken out for the child (under fifteen years old) reach 615,000 NT dollars, the insurance policy for this trip will not be provided or refunded separately. Please be informed of this, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

・Weather Impact: The merchant reserves the right to adjust or cancel the course due to weather-related natural disasters. Outdoor activities will proceed in light rain, and we'll adjust the sequence for showers. For heavy rain, we'll reschedule or replace them with indoor activities.

・Event Confirmation: 5 people per class; if the number of participants is insufficient to proceed, Niceday will notify you in advance for rescheduling or a full refund.


There are areas for reading, playing games, and exhibiting Hakka culture and cuisine for families. Book Sales - New books at 10% off, old books at 50% off. Handicraft workshop - Plant dyeing and silk printing. Family Time - Watching movies, looking at picture books, and reading together on the weekends.


雲林縣崙背鄉羅厝村東興 73 - 21 號(詔安書坊&好伴屋)

Public Transport

[ Public transport ] Take the Huwei High-Speed Rail and then ride either Jiayi Bus 7701 or Tai Xi Bus 7104 until you reach Luoci Station. [ Drive by yourself ] Here are the instructions for both directions : - Heading South : Take National Highway 1 and exit at Huwei Interchange 235. Then, take County Road 145 and 156 until you reach Lunbei. - Heading North : Take National Highway 1 and exit at Tuku Interchange on Tai 78 Line. After that, take Yun 97 Township Road and Yun 101 Township Road until you reach Dongxing Road in Lunbei Township. [ Special Reminder ] Google Location : 詔安書坊&好伴屋


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy


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