· Learn about the impact of sugar, food coloring, and artificial flavors on health. · Observe the differences between drinks made with chemical and natural dyes. · Make beautiful layered drinks. · Understand the principles of aquaponics ecology. · Create personalized ecological bottles. · Experience feeding geese.

Product Description

Does your child love eating sweets and foods full of artificial coloring? Are you looking for a way to discourage your child from eating too many snacks but haven't found a suitable method? Through fun games and interactive activities, this program helps children understand the effects of excessive sugar, food coloring, and artificial flavors on their bodies. By guiding participants to take care of plants, children can learn how to take care of their bodies from an early age. It's a course that's good for the body and fun, and you don't want to miss it!

Activity Schedule  ( Each segment is approximately 30 minutes )

1. 🍬 Learn about Ingredients: Through simple Q&A and fun activities, children will understand why sugar, food coloring, and artificial flavors harm the body.

2. 🥤 Making Layered Herbal Vinegar Drinks: Prepare orange soda with chemical coloring, and then make a healthy drink with natural butterfly pea coloring and herbal vinegar. This activity will deepen children's understanding of how to evaluate food choices in the future.

3. 🌱 Creating Aquaponics Eco-Bottles: Through observation, harvesting, and smelling plants in the garden, children will learn about plant care and aquaponics principles. The goal is to encourage children to take care of their bodies while taking care of plants.

4. 🐟 Outdoor Experience: Children can catch fish in the garden and experience feeding geese firsthand.




Price List

Agricultural Education Experience 【One Adult and One Child】 Per GroupFrom MYR
Agricultural Education Experience 【Second (inclusive) or more, ages 3 to 14】Per PersonFrom MYR
Agricultural Education Experience 【Accompanying fee for children aged 15+ or adults】Per PersonFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

・Experience Duration: 2 hours approx. (depending on site conditions).
・Target Audience: Ages 3 to 14 years old.

Each parent-child pair must have at least one parent present. Additional accompanying children or adults aged 15 or above will incur a 250 NT dollar fee per person. Each child can have up to two accompanying parents.

  1. Children aged 3 to 14 years old: One cup of layered vinegar drink + One aquaponics eco-bottle.
  2. Children aged 15 or above or adults accompanying: One cup of layered vinegar drink + One 250ml bottle of herbal vinegar dressing.
  3. Children aged 0 to 2 years old can join without any charge.

・Our fees include Instructor fees, materials fees, venue fees, and beverage fees.
・Excluded Fees: Additional recreational equipment at the venue.
・The main language used for teaching is Mandarin.
・Instructor-to-Student Ratio: 1:7.

Please carefully read all instructions and cancellation/change policies on this page. By signing up, you agree to the regulations of the experience provider.
1. The main purpose of this farm is to provide a leisurely learning experience. Participants are encouraged to join with a relaxed mindset to enjoy the experience.
Most participants may not be familiar with ecological methods used at the farm, and it is advised that children refrain from running or jumping and pay attention to safety.
3. Children have excellent learning abilities, and parental participation is welcomed as it can enhance the learning experience for children.
4. There will be outdoor grassland activities on the day, so please remember to bring sunscreen and mosquito repellent for your child.
5. Please arrive at the venue gate for registration and assembly 10 minutes before the start time.
・Pet Policy: Pets are allowed in the venue but must be leashed at all times.
・Weather Policy: In the event of natural disasters or inclement weather, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule, postpone, or cancel the event.
・Minimum Participants: 15 groups per session, a maximum of 25 participants per session. If there are insufficient participants to form a group, Niceday will notify you to reschedule or provide a full refund. Once the group is confirmed, Niceday will not provide further notifications.


Our Yunlin team values "safety", "creativity", "health", and "sustainability". We create innovative food products with carefully selected ingredients from Yunlin. Our products meet strict quality standards to ensure healthy and worry-free eating. We follow sustainable business practices to support the environment and social welfare, promoting a sustainable lifestyle."


雲林縣斗六市嘉東里嘉新路 222 號

Public Transport

[Public Transportation] 1. Take bus route 7011A or 7120 from Douliu Station and get off at "Labor Recreation Center"; take bus route 7120 from Yunlin High-Speed Rail Station and get off at "Labor Recreation Center". 2. After getting off, walk 55 meters, approximately 1 minute, to reach "Goose Mama Goose Children's Park". [Self-driving] There is free parking space available at the entrance.

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