· Understanding the internal structure of betel nut seeds · Learning about the process of betel nut plant dyeing · Plant dyeing DIY · Sensory experience: Feeling and creating everyday aesthetics · Organic homemade afternoon tea

Product Description

【Red Tile Cat Regeneration Aesthetic Experience Space | Encounter with Betel Nut Dye】

The founders are a retired couple who moved from the city to Zhongpu Township. One day, while leisurely strolling along the riverbank, they accidentally discovered betel nut waste discarded haphazardly, polluting the beautiful environment. They decided to collect it and after numerous experiments, developed it into betel nut dye. Upholding the concept of revitalization and regeneration, they further designed various cultural and creative products, gathered like-minded local artists, and continued to promote "Betel Nut Dye Cultural and Creative" and establish art spaces, collaborative classrooms, and dyeing platforms rich in local characteristics.

The entire park is built on the concept of reusing old items and recycling waste, using branches for artistic creation and collage aesthetics. Combined with the beauty of nature and guided aesthetic tours, along with the interaction with cute chickens and stray cats in the park, both adults and children who come to experience can feel the relaxed and lively atmosphere.

Special Features: Sensory Experience

· 👀 Sight: Visual feast of regenerated art
· 🦋 Hearing: Listening to the chirping of insects and birds, an auditory carnival of ecological tunes
· 🌺 Smell: Away from the hustle and bustle of the city, enjoy the scent of nature and baking with "forest breathing"
· 🍰 Taste: Taste Madam Chicken's baked light snacks, forest organic herbal tea, and embark on a journey on the tip of your tongue
· 👍 Touch: Experience the regeneration art of betel nut dyeing, turning existing items into unique and beautiful dyed art
· 🌎 Mind: Through cultural and creative products, promote the concept of environmental protection and sustainable circulation

Event Flow

1. Park tour
2. Handmade plant dyeing experience
3. Tasting of organic forest afternoon tea



Price List

Betel Nut Dyeing Experience: Each set for one parent and one child.From MYR
Betel Nut Dyeing Experience: Per personFrom MYR
【 Special Offer】Betel Nut Dyeing Experience: Group of Ten From MYR

Purchase Guide

· Experience Duration: 2 hours approx. (depending on site conditions).
· Target audience: Ages 3 and above
1. Children aged 10 and above can participate independently.
2. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent. The parent does not need to pay extra, and each child can be accompanied by at most 1 parent.
· There is no limit to the number of adults and children in a group of ten. The fee includes materials for ten people.
· Our fees included Instructor fees, material fees, meal fees , and public liability insurance
· Teaching Language: Mainly Chinese, with Japanese assistance
· The ratio of Instructors to Students: 1:15

Notes: Please read all the explanations and cancellation/change policies on this page. Registration implies agreement with the relevant regulations of the experience provider.

1. Please bring mosquito repellent and sun protection products.
2. The betel nut dyeing experience and handmade afternoon tea for parent-child pairs are prepared according to the number of participants, with two servings each.
3. Betel nut dyeing experience works can be taken home the same day.
4. Beverages include herbal tea, fruit juice with milk, coffee, cakes caramel heavy cheesecake, black turmeric cinnamon croissant, and dark chocolate cake, · based on the available items on the day.
· Pet-related: Pet-friendly, with chickens and cats in the park. Please be mindful of pet safety.
· Weather Impact: In the event of natural disasters or weather conditions beyond control, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the course schedule or cancel it.
· Activity Confirmation: A minimum of 4 participants is required to proceed, with a maximum of 10 participants per class. If the minimum number of participants is not met, Niceday will notify you in advance for rescheduling or a full refund. Once the class is confirmed, Niceday will not send any further notifications.


Reducing environmentally harmful plants and transforming them into aesthetically pleasing products through recycling has always been our steadfast philosophy. Red Tile Cat is a park created by a retired couple who moved from the city to Zhongpu Township, enjoying organic slow living while also promoting environmental education. The entire park is built on the concept of reusing old items and recycling waste. Accidentally discovering discarded betel nut waste causing environmental pollution, they collected it and experimented to develop betel nut dye. They design various regenerated cultural and creative products with stories behind them. Red Tile Cat is positioned as an environmental aesthetic experience space in Zhongpu, undertaking local revitalization efforts from 2021 to 2023. Building Red Tile Cat 2.0, we aim to attract young people to return and cultivate the concept of regenerative aesthetics together.


嘉義縣中埔鄉石硦村石硦 56-5 號


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy


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