• New Travel Experience in Changhua: Combining puzzles, guided tours, collecting gourmet food, and hands-on experiences to deeply immerse in Changhua's culture and stories. • Rich Gaming Experience: Explore autonomously through gameplay, filled with interaction and fun.

Product Description

This package is solely for the Real-life Puzzle Box (without Little Angel Guided Tour). If you need the Little Angel Guided Tour, please purchase the corresponding package.

Purchasing the puzzle box allows for an immediate departure, exploring Changhua while eating and playing!

【🔍 Changhua's New Way: From Digital to Physical】

Have you experienced Changhua before? It's a new way to travel in Changhua. With your feet, embark on a different journey in Changhua, wandering through its alleys, solving puzzles while enjoying delicious food. Carry your puzzle pack and props, follow the clues and hints on your phone, and set off on a puzzle-solving adventure!

Walking the streets of Changhua, you might occasionally see a group of people, mysteriously carrying a canvas bag and holding a compass-like tool, glancing around.

Upon closer inspection, it turns out they're playing Changhua's version of real-life puzzle games. During the exploration, each checkpoint will recommend local delicacies to you. Besides the Great Buddha, there are many other interesting options! By signing up for this experience, you can explore the scenic spots worth stopping for on Changhua's old streets, deepen your understanding of local history and culture, allowing you to truly appreciate Changhua.

Real-life Puzzle Box Overview

• 🗺 Contents: 4 sets of activation codes, 1 wizard canvas bag, 1 puzzle box, 1 pre-trip card, 1 map, checkpoint props

【Changhua City: Half County Defense War】

The wizards discovered a mysterious force in the crystal ball, emanating from four dazzling city gates located in the east. This time, these gates are their target. Sensing this invisible force, Daoist Xiaochen in Changhua must act swiftly to guard these four gates! Are you willing to be Xiaochen's assistant and help recover the disappeared gates?


【Tianzhong Township: Love in Tianzhong】

The grandson was playing with Grandma's things at home when suddenly the cat snatched a yellowed parcel! To retrieve the yellowed parcel snatched by the cat, Grandma, and Grandson followed the cat's pawprints on the ground, embarking on a journey to find memories. Can you retrieve the yellowed parcel and help Grandma retrieve her sweet memories together in Tianzhong?


Price List

Solve the Mystery Yourself: "Love in the Heart of Tianzhong" Box - Per BoxFrom MYR
Solve the Mystery Yourself: "Half-County Defense Battle" Box - Per BoxFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

・Experience time: 2.5 hours approx. (depending on site conditions).
・Target audience: Ages 10 and above
1. Children aged 16 and above can participate independently.
2. Children under 10 years old must be accompanied by at least one parent.
・Our Fee includes a puzzle props pack, venue fee, meal fee, and completion souvenir.
・Excluded Fees: Personal additional dining expenses
・Limited offer: Niceday registration includes a bonus puzzle-exclusive postcard
・The main language used for teaching is Mandarin
・Teacher-student ratio: 1:12
1. No need to download additional apps, just join the organizer's official LINE account and enter the game pack serial number to start solving puzzles.
2. The game area is all around Changhua Railway Station. The sequence of challenges is well-planned, and along the way, you will pass through markets and many food and beverage stores. The end also conveniently returns to the starting point.
3. The challenge locations are close to temples, making it easy for restroom breaks, resting in the shade, and drinking water.
4. The challenge difficulty is not high, so don't overthink the rules. It's suitable for both children and adults to solve puzzles together.
5. The reality puzzle box provides four sets of activation codes, which can be installed on four phones.
・Pet-related: No pets allowed.
・Weather impact: In case of natural disasters or other uncontrollable factors, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the schedule or cancel the event.
・Event confirmation: The event will proceed with just one participant.


We're a group of software engineers from Changhua, who love the local cuisine and scenic beauty. "Changhua Travel+" is our platform to guide you through our hometown. Our mobile information station will take you to hidden gems of local delicacies and must-visit photo spots. Through immersive puzzle-solving games, we'll introduce you to the Changhua you've never seen before, offering a unique travel experience. Come and explore Changhua's breathtaking mountains and seas, historical sites, and delicious food. We take great pride in Changhua's rich heritage.


彰化市中正路一段和光復路口 (集合地點:火車站前廣場|Moovo 單車出租站)

Public Transport

Changhua Station, 11 minutes walk

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