· Rice Milling Tour: Understand the rice milling process and no longer confuse rice bran and coarse bran. · Rice Packaging DIY: Pack rice by hand to understand the process of packaging from the production site into sellable packages. · Rice Certification Box · 2 cans of easy-to-cook rice · Rice ball mold · Seaweed sheets

Product Description

At the Rice Country School, we teach food and agriculture education from the soil to the mouth. Our hands-on activities include packaging rice, cooking, and making rice balls. You'll learn about rice manufacturing, appreciate farmers, and reduce food waste.

Event Highlights
Easy Cook Rice: Introduce Kids and Adults to the Delicious Taste of Rice Culture at Rice Country School

Pure and clean rice from Guanshan Township, Taitung. During the pandemic, people cooked at home more frequently, and single-serving rice packs became popular. Taking advantage of this trend, the "Easy Cook Rice" was introduced:

1. Easy-to-open can packaging: One can of rice plus one can of water, easily cooks 4 bowls of rice, making it convenient for busy young professionals who cook infrequently.
2. With cooking becoming easier, young people are falling in love with cooking. It's as convenient as drinking a cola, buy as much as you need without worrying about spoilage.
3. The American School is committed to promoting rice culture, making it easy for children to learn to cook, and promoting food and agricultural education. Participants learn about the process "from the soil to the mouth", respecting the land, honoring farmers, and avoiding food waste.

Event Flow

• 🌾 Cooking Raw Rice: Washing and cooking rice is actually simple.
• 🍚 Rice Milling Tour and Explanation
• 🥫 Rice Packaging Experience: Hands-on packaging of 2 cans of Easy Cook Rice to take home.
• 🍙 Rice Tasting Experience: Making rice balls from the cooked rice and tasting them.

Price List

Understanding the Rice Production Process【 Suitable for Ages 3 and Up】From MYR

Purchase Guide

· Experience Duration: Approximately 150 minutes (depending on site conditions).
· Target Participants: Ages 3 and above
· For children's participation in activities:
1. Ages 3 to 5 need parental supervision, and cannot participate alone.
2. Ages 6 and above can participate alone or with parents, no extra charges or limits on parents.
· The main language used for teaching is Mandarin.
· Each class has one teacher, one assistant, and a maximum of 20 students.
· Our fees Included Instructor fees, material fees, on-site tool usage fees, venue fees, and public liability insurance.
· Excluded Fees: Personal dining expenses / other experience fees
· Pet Policy: Pets are allowed on the premises but must be leashed by the consumer at all times.
· Weather Consideration: In the event of natural disasters or inclement weather, the organizer reserves the right to reschedule or cancel the event.
· Minimum Participants for Event: 4 people per group, maximum of 20 people per class. If the minimum number of participants is not met, Niceday will notify you in advance to reschedule or provide a full refund.


Rice Country School is a place to learn about rice culture. They have a museum, a rice carving classroom, and a store. You can see rice and the equipment used to mill it. Make a reservation for a hands-on experience of the rice production process. Don't miss the famous big-bowl public rice!


台東縣關山鎮昌林路 24 - 1 號(米國學校)

Public Transport

Take the Taiwan Railway to Guanshan Station, then transfer at Taitung Transfer Station to East Taiwan Bus routes 8161, 8163, 8163A, 8165, 8165A, 8166, or 8166A to get to Miguo School Station.

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