・Best Swimming Syllabus ・Highly Experienced Coach ・Private / Group Lessons ・Tool Usage (e.g. Floaties, Foam Noodles)

Product Description

For Special Needs will have private lessons only as they will need more care and attention

* This is the Kids Group Lesson *

Swim Up always emphasize the importance of swimmers learning to swim right from the beginning. Dedicated to delivering the best swimming syllabus and highly experienced coach for your learnings.

With a deep understanding of swimming and proven many results with over 5000+ swimmers, Swim Up Academy created a Powerful and Advanced Syllabus that is able to cater to many individuals to pick up swimming effortlessly and develop a solid foundation for swim strokes.


🏊 Proven Fast Learning Method
Our swimming classes incorporate a variety of techniques and strategies to help our students learn more quickly and retain what they have learned. From drills and exercises to visualization techniques and goal setting, we use a range of methods to help our students reach their full potential.

🏊 Personalized Coaching
We will work with you to assess your current skills and identify areas for improvement. By tailoring our lessons to each student's needs and goals, we are able to provide the most effective and efficient path to success in our swimming academy.

Swimming lessons categories

  • Babies ( 6 months to 23 months)
  • Toddlers ( 2 years to 5 years)
  • Kids ( 6 years to 12 years)
  • Special Needs


Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 10 pm (Last class at 9 pm)

Price List

【 Weekdays 】Group Lesson|6 to 12y for 5 LessonsFrom MYR
【 Weekdays 】Group Lesson|6 to 12y for 10 LessonsFrom MYR
【 Weekends 】Group Lesson|6 to 12y for 5 LessonsFrom MYR
【 Weekends 】Group Lesson|6 to 12y for 10 LessonsFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

  • Duration :  50 mins per lesson
  • Suitable for : Ages 6 to 12 can participate independently
  • Lesson Fee:
    1. [Weekdays]: RM500 per pax for 10 Lessons, RM280 per pax for 5 Lessons
    2. [Weekends]: RM600 per pax for 10 Lessons, RM330 per pax for 5 Lessons
  • Self Drive: Free parking lots are available around our academy.
  • Language of instruction: Chinese / English / Malay / Trilingual, with English as the primary language and Chinese or Malay used as needed.
  • Teacher-student ratio: 1 : 4
  • Included Costs:
    1. Instructor fees
    2. Tool usage (e.g. Floaties, Foam Noodles)
  • Excluded Costs:
    1. Parking fees and entrance fees at students' residences or clubhouses.
    2. Travel fees for private lessons at locations more than 30 km radius from our Academy. 
  • Matters Needing Attention: Please read all instructions, cancellation, and reschedule policies carefully. Application submission confirms your agreement to the merchant’s regulations.
    1. Please complete the Participant Information after your payment.
    2. This is a one-time purchase that includes 5 - 10 lessons, depending on the individual. Please select the time for the first lesson only, as the remaining schedule needs to be confirmed directly with the merchant.
    3. Lessons will be put on hold if the academy closes due to contagious diseases or unforeseen circumstances.
    4. Kids below 5 years old are required to wear approved swim diapers.
    5. Students will be grouped according to age in their first term and may subsequently be regrouped according to their levels (timing may change).
    6. 4 lessons are required to be completed within 5 weeks (35 days), and 10 lessons are required to be completed within 12 weeks (84 days).
    7. Any unattended lesson will become Replacement lessons after 5 weeks or 12 weeks duration.
  • Weather Impact: 
    1. If the weather forecast predicts rain/bad weather on the student's side, student may inform our coach 1 hour earlier or before they travel to request for the class to be postponed. The session will automatically be moved to the following week and the session duration will be extended a week.
    2. In the case of rain during the session or when the coach arrives, the current class will be considered as an attended lesson but will be able to do replacement by time. Replacement by time will replace the remaining duration of the lessons which will be credited into your next new lessons (apply only if you have a continuous or new lesson with us, if not there will be no replacement).
  • Minimum Enrollment: 2 people runs a class. Niceday will inform you in advance if there are not enough people to form a class, offering rescheduling or a full refund. If the class is confirmed, no further notification will be provided.
  • Unfit to Swim: If the student is certified unfit to swim for more than three weeks supported by a medical doctor letter, you can choose to put the lesson on hold. You might need to rearrange with the academy when you are ready to join us back. You have to send the documents to
  • Relief of Instructor: Swim Up reserves the right to cancel (with the fees not chargeable), postpone, or send a relief instructor if your lesson coach is unable to conduct the lesson on that day.
  • Safety: For Babies, Toddlers, Kids, & Special Needs Lessons, regardless of the child’s swimming ability, should always be under adult supervision at all times. The coach cannot be responsible for watching your child before and after the class.
  • Media Release: Swim Up reserves all rights to photograph, sound, and video recording classes and activities for training, publicity, and promotional purposes. Permission will not be sought from any individual.
  • General Policy:
    1. All pool users have to rinse off under the shower before entering the pool.
    2. The Academy cannot accept any responsibility for the loss or damage of any personal possessions.
    3. Acceptance of the Terms and Conditions by the Academy is accepted upon registration and it applies to all branches under the Academy.
    4. The Academy reserves all rights to amend the above rules from time to time and the right to refund or reject customers.


Swim Up Academy was founded by YunHeng, who had worked with 5,000+ swimmers for the past 10 years of coaching toddlers and adults, and came to realize that many conventional coaching methods do not work for most swimmers. We found out many beginner swimmers felt they have little progression in every session and experienced swimmers have problems in which their muscles felt uncomfortable and painful when performing certain swim strokes due to wrong techniques learned previously.


Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.15, Jalan SS 25/34, Taman Mayang Industrial Park

Public Transport

・Take the Kelana Jaya Line LRT to Kelana Jaya Station, and from there will be about 10 mins by taxi or Grab to our academy.

Nearby Attractions


Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy


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