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Product Description

Let’s S.T.E.A.M. Art

The “Let’s S.T.E.A.M. Art” course aims to nurture creative thinking and problem-solving skills in children aged 6 to 18, transforming their creativity into tangible results and value. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this course will provide you with a wealth of knowledge and skills to thrive in the creative domain. 🎨


✨ Creative Fusion with Technology 

  • Explore the intersection of design, technology, engineering, digital illustration, and art.
  • Learn how to use electronic devices for assisted design, 3D modelling, and prototyping.

✨ Marketing

  • Master strategies for promoting and advertising art.
  • Understand the fundamental principles of social media promotion, brand marketing, and overall marketing strategies.

✨ Aesthetics

  • Study basic aesthetic concepts such as color theory, composition, proportion, shape, and lines.
  • Explore various aspects of aesthetics and art.

✨ Print Engineering

  • Gain insights into printing technology, materials, and tools.
  • Create posters, business cards, and other art pieces.

✨ Self-Branding

  • Establish your brand within the art field.
  • Learn how to showcase your work and style, from personal websites to social media platforms.

Course activities and Schedule

🎯 Course Introduction and Goal Setting

  • Students will gain an understanding of the course content, objectives, and expected outcomes.
  • Introduction to course instructors and other participants.

💡 Creative Workshop

  • Explore creative thinking and the artistic process.
  • Students will engage in group discussions, brainstorming sessions, and creative challenges.

🛠 Technical Practice

  • Learn how to use technology tools such as electronic design aids, 3D modelling, and prototyping.
  • Hands-on practice in creating their own art pieces.

💭 Marketing and Brand Building

  • Learn strategies for promoting and advertising their own work.
  • Explore social media promotion, brand building, and marketing strategies.

🎨 Exploration of Aesthetics

  • Study colour theory, composition, proportion, and shape.
  • Analyse aesthetic features of different art pieces.

🖨️ Print Engineering Practice

  • Understand printing technology and materials.
  • Create posters, business cards, and other printed materials.

👤 Personal Brand Establishment

  • Build a personal brand within the art field.
  • Design personal IP to showcase their work and style.

🎓 Artwork Exhibition and Graduation

  • Students will present their own artworks.
  • Graduation certificates will be awarded.

Starter Kit

Starter Kit Purchase Discount:
4 Lessons + Starter Kit RM200
12 Lessons + Starter Kit RM100 (50%discount)
24 Lessons + FREE Starter Kit
*Starter kit available for on-site purchase only


Price List

Trial Class | per personFrom MYR
4 Lessons | per personFrom MYR
12 Lessons | per person From MYR
24 Lessons | per personFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

  • Duration: 1 session, 2 hours 
  • Suitable for : Ages 6~18, can participate independently
  • Lesson Fee:

1. RM50 per pax for Trial Class
2. RM200 per pax for 4 Lessons
3. RM600 per pax for 12 Lessons
4. RM1150 per pax for 24 Lessons

  • Self Drive: Search Three Why Studio on Waze
  • Language of instruction: Chinese / English 
  • Teacher-student ratio: One mentor + one teaching assistant + 10 students per class
  • Included Costs: Instructor fees / material costs
  • Excluded Costs: Starter kit, including software, digital Drawing Tablet, bag, marker Set, stationary, Sketchbook

Starter Kit purchase discount:
4 Lessons + Starter Kit RM200
12 Lessons + Starter Kit RM100 (50%discount)
24 Lessons + FREE Starter Kit
*Starter kit available for on-site purchase only

  • Matters Needing Attention:

1. This is a one-time purchase that includes 1 - 24 lessons, depending on the individual. Please select the time for the first lesson only, as the remaining schedule needs to be confirmed directly with the merchant.
2. Please complete the Participant Information after your payment.
3. Bring your own electronic equipment. (Ipad / laptop / tablet)
4. Please arrive 5 minutes early to avoid being late.
5. Bring a water bottle.

  • Weather Impact: Classes are held indoor, so it will not be affected by weather.
  • Minimum Enrollment: 1 participant runs a class



Let's s.t.e.A.m Art Program: 让孩子们创建自己的品牌。 让您的孩子学习如何利用设计技术、产品工程、 美学和营销方面的知识和技能来设计、生产和销售自己独特的艺术品。 让您的孩子发挥他们的创造力、创新力和审美力。 let’s s.t.e.A.m艺术是专为6-18岁儿童设计的课程。 它让孩子们从零开始学习如何打造自己的品牌, 创造自己的艺术,开启属于自己的未来!


Cheras, Selangor 24 B, Lorong CP 4/38, taman cheras perdana


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