・Help parents understand the importance of pocket money for children and its role in developing financial literacy. ・Learn to formulate effective pocket money strategies, including frequency, amount, and monitoring methods. ・Teach children how to manage pocket money, including saving, spending, and charity. ・Deepen understanding through practical activities and cultivate children's financial decision-making skills.

Product Description

The Need for Financial Literacy
In today’s complex world, teaching kids about finance early on is crucial for their future success and independence. By making finance fun and accessible, we’re empowering our kids to navigate the financial landscape with confidence and skill!

Course Content

Importance of pocket money:

Helps children learn money management

Concepts and practices:

Setting short-term and long-term goals
Formulating strategies

Factors affecting pocket money amount and frequency:

Age, responsibilities, needs, budget

Establishing rules and expectations:

Uses, savings goals

Creating a pocket money agreement:

Involving children

Managing pocket money:

Tracking expenses, budgeting, saving
Distinguishing needs from wants
Learning comparative shopping and finding deals
Encouraging charity donations and selecting projects

Review and Homework:

Summarizing key points and learning outcomes
Assigning homework for families to practice together
Providing opportunities for questions and sharing experiences

Teaching Method

💫 The course combines lectures, discussions, and practical activities to ensure both interest and practicality.
💫 Parents and children are encouraged to continue practicing the concepts in their daily lives after the course.

Course Outcomes
✅ Recognize the importance of pocket money in developing children's money management skills.
✅ Learn how to teach children responsibility with money through pocket money.
✅ Understand how to create a pocket money plan based on the child's age, needs, and family's financial situation.
✅ Learn to establish clear pocket money usage rules to help children understand the value of money.
✅ Improve children's budgeting and adherence abilities through pocket money management.
✅ Educate children to control impulse spending and develop delayed gratification skills.
✅ Encourage children to set savings goals and regularly save a portion of their pocket money.
✅ Teach children how to make wise spending decisions and distinguish between needs and wants.
✅ Guide children to understand that money can be used to help others, fostering a charitable mindset.
✅ Educate children on how to safely manage and store pocket money.
✅ Learn to adjust the pocket money plan based on real-life situations to meet changing needs.
✅ Boost children's confidence and independence by successfully managing pocket money.

Financial Literacy Coach

Purchase Guide

  • Duration: 4 sessions, 1 session per week, 2 hours per session
  • Time: 8pm-10pm (Saturday)
  • Suitable for: Parent-child (ages 7-12)
  • Event Location: Online Zoom
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Teacher-student ratio: 1 : 12
  • Included Costs: Instructor fees / material costs / two 30-minute one-on-one consultations for parents.
  • Matters Needing Attention:

1. This is a one-time purchase that includes 4 lessons. When making a purchase, please select the time for the first lesson only, which includes the full 4 sessions. 
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2.Please complete the Participant Information after your payment.
3.Parents will independently operate Zoom and a computer together with kids.
4.Each parent needs to have a computer for class use (using a phone is not encouraged).
5.Find a quiet environment free from disturbances to focus on learning.

  • Minimum Enrollment: 12 families run a class.


n 2018, she developed a programme and started financial education coaching for children between 5 to 12 years old, and established Qian Qian Lao Shi Kids FQ Enterprise. After working in the finance industry for 15 years, Qian Qian Lao Shi realized the importance to understand financial quotient from young. One’s level of wealth is not determined by academic qualification, frugality nor wages, instead one’s wealth perception and monetary planning ability. Isn’t it surprising that this important ability is not taught throughout schooling years, not even in university? She is determined to be the person to push this education. 12 years ago, Qian Qian Lao Shi health deteriorated after giving birth to her first child. Fear of losing her life, she is desperate to leave a gift that could make her child survive independently, to be strong and rich. That is the motivation behind the children financial class. When she finds out that her teaching could help more parents, she decided to share the method to benefit more families. The future of children has changed, they need to learn not only knowledge, but also irreplaceable abilities such as having financial power. Her philosophy is not to teach children to be calculative, but to integrate appropriate life values, teaching children the rules of life, gratitude and maximizing the return of resources, while learning to seize opportunities and plan a career path according to their interests.


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