・Engaging in fun and creative games allows children to play and learn simultaneously ・Enhancing sensory and body development while stimulating creativity ・Child-led education enables children to interact, listen, and be listened to ・Fostering a more complete journey of self-exploration

Product Description

Journey of Self-exploration

By attending Kids Creative Drama Class, children can simultaneously play and learn through fun and creative games. This will in turn enhance their sensory and body development and stimulate their creativity. Also, through such methods of child-led education, children are able to listen and be listened to while they interact and learn, therefore further propelling them to a more complete and wholesome journey of self-exploration.

Pick up a new hobby today!

With highly trained educators, students are encouraged to learn new skills and gain knowledges at their own comfortable pace. Learning should be fun. Respond to your natural curiosities that exist in all humans. Pick up a new hobby today!

Empowering Children Through Theater

Through our curriculum, children will explore their imaginations through theatrical games, discover their emotions, learn about interpersonal relationships and cooperation. Finally, they will step onto their own stage, radiating their own dazzling brilliance!

Purchase Guide

  • Duration: 5 sessions, 1 session per week, 1 hour per session
  • Time: 3:45 - 4:45 pm (Every Saturday)
  • Suitable for : Ages 7~9, can participate independently
  • Lesson Fee:

Normal Price: RM120 for 4 lessons
Niceday Special Offer: RM120 for 5 lessons

  • Self Drive: Search Little Play Space on Waze
  • Language of instruction: Bilingual, with Chinese as the primary language and English used as needed
  • Teacher-student ratio: 1 teacher and maximum 10 students
  • Included Costs: Instructor fees 
  • Matters Needing Attention:

1. This is a one-time purchase that includes 5 lessons. Please select the time for the first lesson only, as the remaining schedule needs to be confirmed directly with the merchant.
2. Please complete the Participant Information after your payment.
3. The class may involve physical activities, and there is a filtered water dispenser in the centre. Please remember to bring a water bottle for your child.
4. As the class involves physical activities, please ensure your child wears comfortable pants for ease of movement.
5. To enhance children's socio-emotional skills, teachers will allow friction and conflicts among students to occur naturally, providing opportunities for students to independently resolve conflicts. Parents are encouraged to trust and provide space for their children to grow from these experiences.

  • Weather Impact: Classes are held indoors, so it will not be affected by weather.
  • Minimum Enrollment: 4 participants run a class


Music, Drama and communication classes/workshop available for your whole family.


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