・Art therapy helps decipher children's inner world ・Using drawings and gamification for creative teaching ・Expressing oneself is key for developing high EQ ・Art classes help children learn to communicate and navigate emotions ・60-minute emotional practice class using art for kids

Product Description

💕 I Like Myself 💕

Squat down together and get to know your child again. Through art and games, families can observe themselves and discover their unique characteristics for themselves and their families. The workshop will lead parents and children to practice conversations, emotions, and liking themselves, so that parents can re-establish a sense of intimacy with their children through the most exquisite parent-child time.

60-minute Art Mood Lesson

  • 05 min Opening X Introduction
  • 10 min Warm-up X Theme Story Discussion
  • 25 min Creative Time
  • 15 min Expression Practice X Stage Time
  • 05 min Praise X Conclude X Home Practice

What is Art Therapy

Art therapy is the best way for highly sensitive children to express themselves, and the drawing dialogue knows the real thoughts behind the child's emotions, and it is also the reason for emotional stability.

And emotions are something that cannot be seen or touched, but they will affect our mood. Life & Relationships. For the emotional demons, let the professional team of Skids lead the children to bravely face and accept each emotional challenge. The use of art to reduce children's fears, with the exclusive "emotional secret weapon" of Skids, coupled with the expression of emotional monsters and artistic creativity, allows children to understand various aspects of emotions, learn to better stabilize emotions, and cultivate a strong heart to meet various challenges in the future!

Price List

Parent-Child Pair|Art Emotions ClassFrom MYR
Add-on 4~9y Child|Art Emotions ClassFrom MYR
Add-on companion|Art Emotions ClassFrom MYR

Purchase Guide

  • Duration: Approximately 60 minutes, actual time subject to on-site conditions
     7/6、7/13、7/20、7/27 , 2pm~3pm
  • Target audience: Parent-Child Pair (aged 4 ~ 9y) 
  • Language of instruction: Chinese, English used as necessary
  • Cost includes: Teacher fees / Material fees / Venue fees
  • Matters Needing Attention:  Please read all instructions, cancellation, and reschedule policies carefully. Application submission confirms your agreement to the merchant’s regulations.
    1. Please complete the Participant Information after your payment.
    2. The course includes physical movements, so please inform us in advance if there are any concerns.
    3. As the course offers understanding and learning through different methods within a short period, significant changes are unlikely immediately after completing the course. It is recommended to practice what the teacher teaches at home!
  • Weather impact: In the event of a natural disaster or other uncontrollable factors affecting the course, the organizer reserves the right to adjust the course schedule or cancel it.
  • Minimum Enrollment: Niceday will inform you in advance if there are not enough people to form a class, offering rescheduling or a full refund. If the class is confirmed, no further notification will be provided.


SKids | Established in 2017, we create exquisite learning environments and materials to accompany children and parents in practicing emotions, relationships, and creating magical moments of parent-child bonding. Let's become more stable individuals together! Parents, "get down and know your child's uniqueness."


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Is 【4~9y】Art Emotions Class|Build soft power x Make children like themselves x Build self-confidence x Practice communication open for online booking?
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